"Life is like riding a bicycle--for every up there’s a down and for every down there’s an up"--me after about 10 hours in the saddle

Aug 29 27.6 miles to Kozy USFS campground
First thing this morning at t he camp, they fed the ducks and geese right by our sight.  Drove Afton crazy.  Spent the morning in Jackson.  Hit a couple bike stores, had our bikes cleaned good.  Blogged at the library and went out to lunch.  Left town about 1:00.  Climbing out of Jackson Hole, following the Hoback River--very pretty, wide and rocky bottom and clear.  Saw an eagle cruising up the river, looking for fish for dinner. But the biggest surprise of all--we were riding along and all of a sudden came upon a University of Michigan sign right in front of a big metal moose, for some reason.  (for those who don't know, we are both UofM Alumni and so are Jodie and Nik).  Umm, I think we took a wrong turn. It was the UM Geological Station, where geology students can come to study--looks like it has a nice classroom building and small cabins for the students.  So, Nik, Go Blue, here in Wyoming.

Aug 30  51.4 miles to Pinedale, WYO (private campground)
Pushed for a long day, but it was all paved and only one semi-major climb.  Strong cross wind almost blew us off the road at times.  Todd should be home from Europe by now.  Welcome home!  Jodie and Nik are leaving tomorrow for a bike trip down the coast of California-Nik's first.  Have fun.

We will probably be out of communication for a good week. We will be entering the Great Divide Basin--an anomaly of the Continental Divide.  It is a big roundish hole in the middle of Wyoming where the waters flow neither to the Pacific nor Atlantic Oceans.  The only place in the whole US.  Instead, they flow inward to the basin.  The CD actually splits and goes around either side of it.   Look it up on a map.  We rode across it 8 years ago.  It is dry, barren, with nothing but sagebrush and antelope.  We may have to carry water for several days (8 gallons or more).  We will try to blog again when we come out at Rawlins.